Cheques and balances

Most people have a very dull image of accounting services and accountants in general. The number crunching of the debits and credits of an organization rarely hold the same appeal as the glamour of marketing or the thrill of sales. However, when looked at closely, accounting is one of the most important jobs in a company that can provide startling amounts of information that can not only benefit an organization but reveal all unseen perspectives as well.

Accountancy services cover payroll and bookkeeping. A good accountant can find all small pieces of information, for example, there was a time when an enthusiastic accountant for an airline was able to save them over a million dollars just by suggesting they reduce the number of ketchup sachets served per person on a flight from two to one.

Accountants have also been known to be the superheroes-without-capes when it comes to filing taxes. One enterprising accountant was able to save a manufacturing company a small fortune when he enlightened the owner of a government given for imports from a certain country.

There are of course plenty of very practical uses for accounting services. Yes it is the digital age and computer software has lightened the load significantly for accountants but there is still need for a keen individual who can help keep track of a company incomings and outgoings.It is this passion for accounting that sets AR Parry and Co apart from their competitors. Whereas most accounting service providers merely look at it as a job, at AR Parry and Co, accounting is what makes our company so amazing.